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Maastricht shops, shopping areas and markets

In Maastricht you'll find a lot of boutiques, well known stores and exclusive and luxurious shops. In the many old little streets are the most intimate little shops where you will be treated as a king or queen. Most shoppingareas are on walking distances which make a shoppingday in Maastricht more than just a shoppingday because you can enjoy the beautiness of the city while walking from one area to another, without even using the publictransportation. The world's most beautiful bookshop (according to the British Guardian) is in Maastricht, the Selexyz Dominicanen in de Dominikanerkerkstraat 1. The shopping areas are; Jekerkwartier, Stokstraatkwartier, City-Zuid, City-Noord, Wyck en Ceramique, the architecture quarter. The most luxurious shops are in the stately Stokstraat en Maastrichter Smedenstraat. All this makes Maastricht one of the most beautiful, cosy and hospital shopping cities in the Netherlands.

Maastricht markets:
de dagmarkt (daily market)
de woensdagmarkt (wednesday market)
de donderdagmarkt (thursday market biological food market Stationsstraat)
de vrijdagmarkt (friday market)
de zaterdagmarkt (saturday market antiques and curiosa)

Shopping tips outside Maastricht: Limburg shops, Valkenburg shops

ING Bank

ING Bank
Stationsplein 20
6221 BT Maastricht
Tel.: 0031(0)900 0933


De Verwondering
Hoogbrugstraat 21
6221 CN Maastricht
Tel.: 0031(0)43 3211334

De Bijenkorf Maastricht

De Bijenkorf Maastricht
Achter het vleeshuis 26
6211 GS Maastricht
Tel.: 0031(0)900 0919

Shoes & Shirts Maastricht

Shoes & Shirts
Havenstraat 23
6211 GJ Maastricht
Tel.: 0031(0)43 3255518
Fax: 0031(0)43 3255536

Hunkemoller Maastricht

Hunkemoller (V&D)
Grote staat 5-15
6211 CT Maastricht
Tel.: 0031(0)43 3520477

Dolcis Maastricht

Kleine Staat 18
6211 EE Maastricht
Tel.: 0031(0)43 3212514

Dolcis Maastricht

Grote Staat 20
6211 CW Maastricht
Tel.: 0031(0)43 3254580

Bever Zwefsport

Bever Zwerfsport
Scharnerweg 66
6224 JH Maastricht
Tel.: 0031(0)43 3626872

Wereld Winkel Maastricht

Brusselsestraat 7
6211 PA Maastricht
Tel.: 0031(0)43 3212213

Villa Trepetie Maastricht

Villa Trepetie
Rechtstraat 38
6221 EK Maastricht
Tel.: 0031(0)43 3265842

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